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Crisis Management


In a competitive political environment, anyone can become a target – not always because of what you do but sometimes because of who you are. Whether it involves politics, a natural disaster or an industrial accident, we have the experience, the agility and the commitment to tireless service to help our clients meet a crisis.

Reputation Management


LB Consulting, Inc. provides public relations services for corporations of all sizes. We understand the needs of both local and national firms, and can create a public relations program based on the unique needs of an individual company.


Media Relations

LB Consulting, Inc. has the media contacts and long-term relationships that are essential for managing day-to-day media relations for our clients. We organize major events, press conferences, and all the other elements that go into encouraging positive coverage.


Coalition Building


Success can often depend on bringing together diverse groups that share an interest in a beneficial outcome. LB Consulting, Inc. has helped to organize some of the largest coalitions in California history. We believe that our clients achieve greater success when they can demonstrate a broad-base of support and a diversity of voices advocating on their behalf.


Grassroots Outreach


Building public support for an issue involves reaching deep into communities and working through grassroots organizations. LB Consulting, Inc. brings our clients’ messages into the community centers, city halls, church buildings, and neighborhoods to help build support and communicate with the public at the local level.





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